Pure Strategy’s technology helps us see the bigger picture for all of our stores. For example, should we be rolling out a new training program for all of our staff? Are there hiring issues at a single location?

We get all the reviews and customer feedback, but this helps us actually use them – we’re not trying to make sense of a handful of comments a week for each store like we were before.
— Partner for an Investment Group that owns 40 top chain restaurants

We help organizations derive strategic value from unstructured data, by applying cognitive technology to automate their analytics.


Pure Strategy Inc. offers the next evolution in analytics. Our software suite is fully scalable and personalizable for organizations to directly address the challenge of deriving value from unstructured text data. Our automated analytical process is powered by the disruptive innovation of our proprietary cognitive technology - software that learns language in order to understand the input data and perform analysis tasks to produce output, just like a human analyst.  

We use deep neural networks to train a personalized, artificial mind that can generate visualizations and build narrative themes to communicate insights in an easy and accessible way.  Our unique cognitive engine has been designed from the ground up to apply current advances in natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML). Molded by our extensive experience in data science and analytics, our technology upholds the best practices of a good analyst within a software system.  


We save your time and resources, providing an end product that is familiar, easy to use, and adaptable to ever increasing volumes of data.


Going beyond human capabilities in efficiency, objectivity, and reliability, our software can quickly uncover insights in large data sets.  


By automating the analysis of text data with our software, your organisation will be able to contextualize the content of your entire data set reliably and quickly.  Even as the volume, variety and velocity of data collected continuously increases, our approach allows your team to effortlessly sift through customer satisfaction survey comments, potential customer interviews, help desk calls, CRM notes and more.  

We provide faster access to accurate information on key topics of strategic interest.  


Get a 360° view of the customer experience in their own words.

  • Uncover context around the customer journey, touchpoints, influencers and path to purchase.
  • Determine drivers of customer loyalty and churn.
  • Identify unmet market opportunities.

Automatically extract accurate findings on product feedback and market trends.

  • Track the effect of strategic initiatives on market perception.
  • Assess product value proposition, pricing and channel strategies.
  • Measure resonance of marketing messages.
  • Identify emerging issues and competitor movements.
This technology is amazing! After seeing the results I don’t know why you’d ever use a human analyst.
— Senior Director, Technology at a Global Financial Services Consultancy